This one is about what I believe to be a common misconception in the Portuguese culture: correntes de ar constipam-te (“drafts give you the cold”).1 I was vacuuming just now and opened both the windows of the bedroom and living room to air out the quarantine from the flat. Then,…I felt it. The amazing Scottish breeze as I was finishing my weekly vacuuming.2 As soon as the breeze touched my neck and gave me a chill,3 I heard my mom screaming in my head “CAREFUL WITH THE DRAFTS, THEY’LL GIVE YOU A COLD!”

Hmm…I don’t think so. Do they? Nah…

If that’s the case, then any draft is a potential culprit. The draft you feel when you enter a stairwell (especially nice in the summer in stone cold Portuguese stairwells) or the draft you might feel when turning into a narrow street on a windy day (in reality, any day in Scotland).

Come on, it can’t be true, can it?

1 Now, you perhaps have the same thing in your culture, and if so, it makes me feel that more understood. I just don’t want to generalise that which I don’t know.
2 Totally not weekly.
3 Where is this going?—I don’t know.

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