See when you are planning to go shopping for groceries? All those minutes spent on searching for recipes that are easy, fast, exciting, vegan, glutenfree, lowcarb,* or [input your favourite diet here]… and all that is wasted as soon as:
(1) one exits the house without the shopping list (argh)
(2) the shopping list is lost in your pocket and you may find it a week later or
(3) the shopping list gets eaten by a blasted seagull.

Okay, the latter never happened to me, but you never know

It can happen that you are holding the shopping list all the way through and…you still forget that one ingredient that is crucial for five dishes you planned.

The worst yet is going to the supermarket, have the list at hand, buy everything you need, and then arrive home and never do the recipes you planned for out of laziness…this is when you wish the seagull had eaten the shopping list.

*not to be confused with low-crab. Not sure what low-crab is (perhaps the crabs from deeper ocean neighbourhoods) but the spell-check was suggesting that.

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