It’s so hard. So. hard. Only today have I come to terms with using the dinner table as my hopefully-permanent desk, and let me tell you: I really hope that now I can focus and actually do some work!*

So allow me to share my thoughts on working from home—today’s topic. Working from home is poop. Working from home from a perspective of a sugar-addict, is very poop since ice-cream is always at hand. Working from home from the perspective of a classical singer is all the poops—all those heart-warming videos of opera singers singing at the window is simply not how I work.

I still record some vocal tracks for some odd jobs that come, but recording inside a wardrobe is becoming too warm to stay for more than a couple of minutes. There is no other way, since my neighbour is now practising the accordion at random times, and these random times usually fall when I decide to record my singing.

So now what do I do? poop.

*I speak 4 days before my early-music notation deadline, 6 days before my dissertation deadline, 10-11 days before my recital presentation deadline (instead of a recital, I am giving a tutorial-like presentation on a Händel cantata I was meant to perform live).

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