Unlike the posts during isolation about (you guessed it) isolation, this post concerns pickles. You see, pickles, at least the ones I usually see in the shops, are in a vacuum-sealed jar that, once opened, are best eaten within [insert_a_period_of_time_that_no-one_pays_attention_to]. If not, the pickles turn rancid, really asking to be thrown out—but then you don’t want to do that because “What a waste of pickles this is…

Are you with me? Okay…let me start again. Pickles. They are closed in a jar…and should only be opened if absolutely necessary. If the jar is opened too soon and without reason, all the pickles will turn rancid.

So, don’t be like Frank, or Bob, or whoever decided that opening the jar without a reason won’t make a difference: stay indoors.*


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