Let us call this a “rational curse”.
It comes and goes, most often without warning.
It arrives suddenly and without reason, leaving you stuck in your rational thinking for a period you don’t quite know its length.
While the “curse” is active, your social behaviours are disabled, your basic necessities are not a priority and you certainly feel like a turd.

The “curse” lies in the psyche.
It lingers there but has effect in the whole body.

Here are a couple of things I have done that makes the “rational curse” hitch a hike for a while:
1. It will “hurt” to take a shower, but do it. Just jump in the shower.
2. Write a bullet-point list of the things you feel and perhaps give them a physiological name. For example, if you feel like crying, write: “a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus”* —okay, maybe not like this, but do give it a proper description. Perhaps if you’re feeling sadness, write a bit more on why you are feeling sad: what are the thoughts coming through your mind when you think of the word sadness? Yuck.
3. You know what? If you did the previous point, crumble that piece of paper and throw it away (recycle pls). You don’t need that list and if you didn’t do it, good, because what you need is to cook yourself a good meal (healthy pls).
4. While you eat, look out the window. Observe. Just look at stuff.
5. Because you took a shower, your hair is still wet. You know what dries hair really well? Wind. Put your shoes on and go outside. Perhaps you need something from the grocery store to cook that healthy meal and switch this point with point number 3. Fine.

By the time you’re done, the curse is lifted for the day. You have leeway to do some other stuff you’ve put aside. Do the same tomorrow.
Important: the key is to do each step as a separate thing. Don’t think ahead or at what you just did. Stay in the moment. Depression will eventually ease. Seek help from others, don’t be ashamed—I am not anymore.

*yes, that’s from wikipedia.

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