I am trying really hard here. Just why, why do we have nasal cavities (or the called sinuses)? Besides the obvious survival reason that I actually didn’t Google because I couldn’t care less, sinuses can go suck a lollipop.*

The existence of these sinuses was one of the reasons why I didn’t write for almost a week. Well, to be completely honest, that plus pure laziness. For me, sinusitis becomes the word of the week every couple of years. Symptoms include headaches, pain all over your cute face, cough, stuffiness, tissues all over the floor, kitchen roll replacing the tissues in a matter of hours, and finally, toilet paper also running out because your nose is no longer a nose but a hose.

So, after a full box of decongestants gone, some more paracetamol and after watching some suspicious YouTube tutorials like “How to unblock sinuses in 10 seconds!”, I am seeing the light. I am seeing that I purely and undoubtedly hate my sinuses. They can go suck a lollipop.*

*in reality, it could go suck something different, if you know what I mean.

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